Personal Equipment

Alien worlds are often harsh enough on their own, the vacuum of space even harsher.  But the galaxy is even more dangerous than the sum of its natural hazards.  War and piracy necessitate the continuing evolution of personal weapons, armor, and equipment.  The nature of such varies from world to world.  Some of the best can be found on wealthy planets and in the hands of some of the most effective of the military brotherhoods.  On poorer worlds, and among more ad-hoc militaries and bands, necessity becomes the mother of invention, and the mother of keeping old tech working as long as possible.

Combat Armor

Combat armor varies wildly from world to world.  Some of the cheapest is little more than a spacesuit with armored panels set in a vest over the vital organs.  Some of the best is built of lightweight, advanced composites, with just enough flex not to shatter under extreme stress.  Airtight, it protects the wearer from vacuum, high pressure, temperature extremes, hostile atmospheres, and most weapons fire (short of a direct hit from a powergun bolt).  It is articulated to take most of the weight off the wearer, and protect his joints from serious impacts.  Enhancers in the helmet allow for light amplification, infrared and ultraviolet scans, and even holographic tactical overlays when desired.  A powerful comm unit in the sustainment pack on the back plate allows for communications within line of sight for over two hundred kilometers.

Caractacan Armor Mk XX

Galactic Unity Combat Armor


Powerguns are directed plasma weapons, firing from cartridges which contain a copper wire in a crystalline matrix, which aids in turning the copper to plasma when fired.  The bolt is accelerated down the barrel, and travels at just under the speed of light.  Impact is generally somewhat explosive, with a massive thermal energy dump.




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