The Clone Wars But Not The Clone Wars


The Unity Wars got its start in June 2015, as “Alternate Star Wars Prequels.”  (This was about six months before The Force Awakens was released, so the dumpster fire that is the Disney/Lucasfilm sequel trilogy had yet to begin.)  I had been dissatisfied with the prequels (and the direction they led Star Wars as a whole in) for quite a long time, as much as I hadn’t wanted to be, and had a weird little writing prompt pop into my head one day.  “How would I do it differently, more in keeping with what was hinted at in both the original movies and novelizations, as well as some of the West End Games material and the Timothy Zahn Heir to the Empire trilogy?”

I scribbled some notes, but later abandoned it, because I had no desire to get sued into oblivion by the juggernaut that is The Mouse.  I always kind of wanted to finish it, but I had other projects.

New Plan

It was Galaxy’s Edge that showed the way, and I’ve since made The Unity Wars it’s own thing, even though it still follows many of the elements I wanted to explore with the alternate Clone Wars.  Clone tech is supposed to be as scary and dangerous as Zahn posited in the Thrawn trilogy, and the clones are supposed to be borderline psychotic enemies of the good guys (though I scrapped the Republic altogether, for various reasons).

Along the way, however, I delved into some of the alternate ideas about the Clone Wars that were out there.  There’s not a lot of pre-’99 lore left aside from what was in print from West End and some of the other affiliates.  But that alone provides some semi-cohesive inspiration.

And, a friend pointed out the following videos.  They’re interesting, and better than what we got, in my estimation, though I went in a considerably different direction.


Building On #StarWarsNotStarWars

Star Wars Is Great

Lest anyone think that I don’t like Star Wars, given some of the earlier posts here, I have to make this point.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It’s why I have issues with some of the later entries in the franchise; I think that they don’t do justice to what Star Wars could be.  The Original Trilogy remain classics, and having just gone back and rewatched all three, back to back, they still hold up.  (Which is why I don’t care for the argument that, “Star Wars is full of plot holes anyway, so you’re dislike of later installments is invalid.”)  There’s an ever-expanding universe of new worlds, new aliens, new ships, and hints of a long history.

Star Wars is a huge source of inspiration for The Unity Wars.  Because when you watch the movies, there’s a lot that’s implied without being said.  And that stuff that’s implied lends huge opportunities for storytelling. Continue reading

What’s This All About?

What is The Unity Wars?

Well, it’s an upcoming series of science fiction adventures.  The best description so far is, “The Clone Wars crossed with The Horus Heresy, with influence from the Lensman series, Hammer’s Slammers, and Farscape.”

Confused yet?  Hopefully also curious and a little excited.

I fiddled around with writing science fiction  for several years before I became an action-adventure writer.  It was mostly Star Wars and Wing Commander flavored at the time.  I’ve always enjoyed science fiction, specifically what can often be described as “space opera,” adventures in deep space and on distant worlds.  And I’ve also always wanted to go back to it.

A few years ago (before Disney Star Wars, which we won’t go into), I got a wild hair and asked myself, “What if the Star Wars prequels were better-written?  What if the Clone Wars were more like what was hinted at in the earlier Expanded Universe?”  I started to scribble some notes, but it was ultimately doomed to go nowhere, since I have no desire to get sued into oblivion by Lucasfilm/Disney.

Then Galaxy’s Edge happened.

If you’re not familiar with Galaxy’s Edge, go take a look at  Nick Cole has described it as StarWarsNotStarWars.  It uses many of the familiar tropes and technology of the Star Wars universe, but is still it’s own setting, its own story.  It is also awesome.  And so the gears started turning again, and I turned back to “Alt Clone Wars.”

I’ve always enjoyed Star Wars (though largely limited to the original trilogy, the X-Wing games, and a few of the novels, most notably Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy).  But some things about it have always bugged me.  Why are all the starships either airplanes in space or naval vessels in space?  Sure, they look cool, but they don’t make much sense in space.  And the less said about the military aspects, the better.  (Clone troopers running at the enemy across open ground, firing from the hip…Bleh.)

Epic Science Fiction

So, I pulled out my old AltStarWars file and started tweaking it.  The end result is the beginnings of what promises to be a sprawling, galaxy-spanning science fiction epic.  There will be several intertwining arcs, aliens, vast fleets and armies, dark conspiracies, and all sorts of space opera goodness.  It’s not Star Wars, or Galaxy’s Edge.  It’s not LensmanThe Unity Wars is entirely its own story, in its own setting, and it will be going places that no one else has gone.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.