Galactic History


Major Events

The Qinglong Wars: the devastating wars that resulted in the destruction of Earth.  Qinglong was a “machine god,” an all-wise AI deity that promised a future of perfection through machine logic and the melding of man and machine.  In truth, Qinglong was little more than a shell program, not the true AI its creator wanted.  Long Pak, Qinglong’s programmer, had set out to create an AI god, failed, and set his software puppet up as one anyway.  In truth, all of Qinglong’s mandates and increasingly insane proclamations came from Long Pak.  Long Pak was eventually killed when his fleeing starship struck the photosphere of Alpha Centauri B.

The Fall of the Triamic Hegemony: The Triamic Hegemony was the first real interstellar government known in galactic history. It’s fall was also the first known genocidal interstellar war.

The Evacuation of Keder M’ell: There have been a lot of wars and tragedies in galactic history, but there are other stories, as well, stories of terrific efforts in the service of helping others. The Evacuation of Keder M’ell has gone down as one of the most impressive such efforts.

The Elbianian Terror: The Elbianian Terror was a holy war that spanned over a hundred star systems and over thirty Earth years.  It became synonymous in the Orion Arm for atrocity and senseless destruction.  The Terror, and its aftermath, also planted the seed that led to the founding of the Caractacan Brotherhood.

The Tyrus Cluster Campaign: after a string of brutal M’tait raids, that appeared to herald a new level of predation on the part of the strange pseudo-felines, including one which completely depopulated a former triamic colony (that was now mostly human and a few ekuz), an alliance was formed between Valdek, Sparat, Bilbissari, and Chatosh, beginning a combined offensive through the tightly-packed Tyrus Cluster, which appeared to have become the M’tait base of operations.  Two legions of Caractacan Brothers, the entire Order of Shufa, and a Chapter of the Sons of Jimmu also participated.  The war lasted five long, brutal years.  The M’tait seemed to be a step ahead of the alliance; a task force would swoop down on a likely target, only to find it abandoned, while one of their supply bases was attacked in the meantime.  For a very long time, it appeared that the M’tait were simply going to whittle the alliance down, until the Sons of Jimmu took a long-shot chance and discovered a “mothership” deep in the cluster.  The following year of fighting in that system resulted in hundreds of thousands dead, but the M’tait activity afterward seemed to have fallen off to almost nothing.  The leader of the Sparatan forces, Geretesk Vakolo, was severely wounded in the fighting on Nekophor, and had to be evacuated several months before the fighting ended.  There was no decisive victory in the Tyrus Cluster; the fighting simply petered out as the remaining M’tait pulled back toward wherever they had come from.

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