History and Background


Consider this the Encyclopedia Galactica for The Unity Wars.  Bits of past galactic history, planets, organizations, empires, hegemonies, alien races…this is where to find more information about the peoples of the galaxy and what has formed them.

Galactic History

Galactic civilization is millennia old (if such timeframes can even be applied across such distance), and it would take lifetimes to record even a tiny fraction of what has transpired since the first starship lifted from its homeworld.  But there are significant events that have shaped the course of interstellar events.  Herein the reader will find a few of them.

Interstellar Organizations

The vast gulfs between stars make interstellar organization difficult, but yet they still form, and still function.  A few of the myriad such groups are profiled here.

Alien Anthropology

No one knows just how many shapes sapient life has taken throughout galactic history.  But an interstellar traveler is sure to meet some in their voyages, and therefore alien anthropologists continue to add to their databases of the races of the galaxy.

Planetary Profiles

Every inhabited world has its own history, shaped by its people and its own unique environment.  Profiles of planets highlighted in matters of galactic or simply interstellar import are recorded in places of learning throughout the galaxy.

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