It is the far future.  Man has changed.  Yet Man has stayed the same.

Over thousands of years, humanity has spread out amongst the stars.  Human worlds now dot the entire expanse of the galaxy, sprawling across every arm.  Yet humanity is not alone.  Countless alien races have similarly spread out, mingled, traded, clashed, and competed.  The galaxy is a vast archipelago of civilization, made up of millions of discrete cultures and civilizations.  Some are insular.  Some have mingled with their neighbors to create new cultures.

Sprawling metropolises spread across worlds under strange suns.  Vast cities float in orbit over terrestrial worlds, gas giants, and even lonely stars.  And yet the independent-minded still find new worlds, scratching out desperate existences in hostile environments.  The galaxy is vast, and no one knows what all lies amidst the carpet of stars.

Or in the darkness in between.

Starships of unimaginable power speed between the stars, carrying traders, explorers, diplomats, refugees, pirates, and warriors.  The distances between stars are vast, and the resources available within a star system are enough to support a civilization for millennia, but there are always those who want more.  That is why the Military Brotherhoods were born; bands of soldiers sworn to a higher cause, who step in to defend those unable to defend themselves.

It can hardly be called an interstellar order.  The galaxy is too vast, the space between suns and worlds too deep for any regular order to establish itself.  And yet, in a way, though wars still rage, and pirates still raid those they think they can easily overcome, human and alien alike have formed a sort of loose civilization, over the last few thousand years.

Except now, starting with what might seem to be an isolated incident in the Rimward Avar Sector, everything is about to change.

In the tradition of Lensman, Star Wars, and Galaxy’s Edge, welcome to The Unity Wars

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